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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Games, Free Program

Hey all, I figured I'd speak of a broad subject this time. Instead of focusing on a single game, I'll focus on a platform of games. This platform is a simple hub of connections that supports peer-created content. Indeed, all of the content on here is created and sustained by the community. I speak of nothing other than BYOND.

BYOND is a 2D focused gaming central where fangames and original games flourish. Roleplaying and Player Versus Player games hold the most numerous, but several other gametypes have shown to be possible. Essentially, BYOND is a hosting client and a game creator. Utilizing pixel artistry and a specific coding language, people can create full games to play.

While the creators are unprofessional, several of the games are astoundingly complex. For amateurs, the skill shown by everyone can be considered exceptional. At least, for the original copies of the source-codes. BYOND's sourcecodes can get spread around and altered by anyone who knows even a bit of the language. The result is a sad reality of mostly similar games with little ingenuity.

The games are entirely online, and generally coded for multiple people. BYOND is a community of interesting people, although I cannot say in good heart that I approve of most of them. A lot of it can be described like politics - teenagers vying for some power. People do anything, y'know?

I'll describe more of BYOND later. Just a leeway into what many games I'll be speaking about, I suppose. Comment about the games you want me to review, and I'll look into it!


  1. Sounds interesting, are there some demo pics or links that we can check out?

  2. i enjoyed it very much mmmm

  3. Never heard of this, will check it out!

    Love to see other gaming blogs :) Followed!

  4. With a community as diverse as BYOND's, there are bound to be a few bad apples around. Still, not a bad platform.

  5. I'll try to get some more information about BYOND for those interested - and not veterans.

  6. Most of the grief about BYOND is the necessity to download it. Do not be alarmed, it's safer than most MMOs!